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Exported Onions from Pakistan

Fresh Onions Imported from Pakistan

Pakistan is blessed with amazing agricultural resources thanks to its fertile land, well-irrigated plains, weather, and farming tradition. Pakistan annually produces about 1.5 million tons of onions, with an increasing trend during the past 6 years. To provide product at the widest range of seasons, we select quality onions grown in the Sindh, Balochistan, and Punjab regions for export around the world.

Exported Onion Varieties
Red Sindh
Sariab Red
Onion Harvest Seasons
Sindh - November to May
Balochistan - August to October
Punjab - June and July

Raza Traders are constantly working to improve our onion exports, so that we remain your first choice.

Process Improvement
Farm management practices reviewed regularly
Introduction of new cultivars based on target markets
Pack house facility expansion
Expanded international promotions
Class I Onions
Firm and compact bulbs
Free from sprouting
Free from swelling
Practically free from root tufts
Guaranteed less than 2% defects
Our goal is 100% no defects

Yellow onions are full of flavour and are used in cooking almost anything. They turn a rich, dark brown when cooked and give French Onion Soup its tangy sweet flavour. The colourful red onion is a good choice for many fresh uses, grilling, charbroiling, salads, and sandwiches. White onions, with a richer aroma and taste, are also used in cooking many dishes.

Onions contain vitamin C, potassium, fibre and folic acid. They also contain calcium, iron, and protein. For many dieters, onions are a boon because they are low in sodium and contain no fat.

Imported Potatoes to UK

Imported Fresh Potatoes

A potato can provide much of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of a number of vitamins and minerals. For example, potatoes have 600-800 mg of potassium, which is 40 percent more than a banana. Potassium is essential for muscle performance and improving the nerves' response to stimulation. Iron, another essential, is also found in potatoes. Some varieties have 40 percent of the RDA of iron. Potatoes are also a great source of vitamins, even supplying vitamin C, the sunshine vitamin. Vitamin C is essential to help maintain healthy connective tissue and heal wounds. Potatoes are also a good source of B vitamins, crucial to making healthy red blood cells and amino acids.

Nutritional Information
100 Calories
0g Fat
26g Carbohydrate
3g Fibre
4g Protein
% Recommended Daily
45% Vitamin C
21% Potassium
10% Vitamin B
6% Iron

Yes, a potato is like a giant vitamin, wih no fat or cholesterol and minimal sodium. What it does have is natural fiber, vitamins and minerals, and superb flavour. An average potato has three grams of protein, nearly equivalent to half a glass of milk.

Other Exported Vegetables from Pakistan

Mushrooms from PakistanPakistani Eggplant aka Brinjal

In addition to exporting Onions and Potatoes around the globe, Raza Traders also distributes: Arvi, Bittergourd, Eggplant, Mushrooms and Tinda.

Arvi from PakistanExported BittergourdImported Tinda to UK

Raza Traders vegetables are only of the highest quality. We closely monitor all phases of the process, from the time of planting up until it reaches your location. We guarantee our products to be among the highest quality found anywhere on the market.